Reward, Pathophysiologic Dimensions, and Psychological Distress in Young Adults (Principal Investigator): To identify neural circuitry supporting dimensional measures of problem behaviors and dimensions of physiology and pathophysiologic processes in young adults seeking help for psychological distress. To learn more, please click here.

Modulation of Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortical Activity during Reward Processing by Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (Co-Principal Investigator/Chase):  To explore the effect of acute left vlPFC cathodal tDCS on left vlPFC resting state functional connectivity and relationships between left vlPFC resting state functional connectivity and risky decision making.

Impact of Maternal Caregiving on Brain-Behavior Relationships in Infants (Co-Principal Investigator/Hipwell): To identify neuroimaging measures of structure and intrinsic functional connectivity in emotional reactivity neural circuitry that are associated with negative and positive emotional reactivity, and impacted my maternal caregiving, in 3-month old infants.

Children of Bipolar Parents: A High-Risk Follow-Up Study (Co-Principal Investigator/Birmaher): To measure neurocognitive functioning, neural structure in the pathogenesis of bipolar disorder, and salivary hormonal levels in children of bipolar parents.  

Course and Outcome of Bipolar Disorder in Youth (Co-Principal Investigator/Birmaher):  To determine how previous bipolar disorder clinical course and treatment exposure from childhood into adulthood impacts neural circuitry functioning and structure supporting key NIMH RDoC information processing domains, and compare neuroimaging findings.

Neural Circuitry Supporting Persistent Avoidance In OCD (Principal Investigator, Project 2):  Multi-site study examining white matter abnormalities in circuitry supporting the development of abnormal, persistent avoidance behaviors in OCD.    

Impact of Maternal Caregiving on Brain-Behavior Relationships in Infants: (Co-Principal Investigator/Hipwell): To identify structural and functional measures of emotional reactivity neural circuitry in 3-month old infants.

Pubertal Maturation and Motivational Influences on Frontolimbic Systems (Co-Investigator/Ladouceur): To understand the development of fronto-limbic-striatal systems in order to elucidate bio-markers of risk for mood disorders as well as periods of heightened plasticity to inform targeted brain-based neurobehavioral interventions.

Neural Correlates of Adult Outcomes of Childhood ADHD: Affect, Reward, and Control (Co-Investigator/Molina/Ladouceur):  To study the relationships among function and structure in affect, reward, and cognitive control neural circuitry and outcomes of ADHD in adulthood.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder (Co-Investigator/Goldstein):  To evaluate in a randomized-controlled trial the efficacy of DBT + pharmacotherapy as compared with CABS SOC psychotherapy + pharmacoptherapy over a two-year follow-up among adolescents aged 12-18 with bipolar disorder.

The following are a list of funded research projects on which Dr. Phillips is either a Principal, Co-Principal, or Co-Investigator.