Phillips Neuroimaging Studies  Mood and Brain Lab

Reward, Pathophysiologic Dimensions, and Psychological Distress in Young Adults (Principal Investigator): To identify relationships among neuroimaging measures of function in neural circuitry supporting dimensional measures of problem behaviors and to elucidate dimensions of physiology and pathophysiologic processes in young individuals seeking help for psychological distress. To learn more about this study, please click here.

Longitudinal Assessment of Manic Symptoms (Co-Principal Investigator): This multi-site study focuses on examining and documenting trajectories of children and adolescents with elevated symptoms of mania and related psychiatric disorders in order to better identify crucial time points for intervention.

Children of Bipolar Parents: A high-risk follow-up study (Co-Principal Investigator): The purpose of this study is to measure neurocognitive functioning and activity in, and functional and anatomic connectivity between neural regions implicated in the pathogenesis of bipolar disorder, and obtain more precise measurements of puberty using salivary hormonal levels.

Establishing Moderators and Biosignatures of Antidepressant Response (Co-Investigator): This is a multisite study designed to explore the neural markers that characterize response to antidepressants.

Parsing the Heterogeniety of Neural Functioning in Post-Partum Depression (Co-Investigator): To examine neural circuits related to postpartum depression and maternal function in a large population of young mothers from a prospective study.

Self-Regulation of Reward in Adolescence (Co-Investigator): To develop fMRI methods for assessing mechanisms of the development of adolescents’ reward-related problem behaviors such as substance use, sensation seeking, depressive symptoms, and HIV-risk behavior.

Brain Imaging, Cognitive Rehabilitation, and Early Schizophrenia (Co-Investigator): To study the effects of CET on brain function and structure in early-course schizophrenia.

Neural Correlates of Adult Outcomes of Childhood ADHD: Affect, Reward, and Control (Co-Investigator): To study the relationships among function and structure in affect, reward and cognitive control neural circuitries and outcomes of ADHD in adulthood

Pubertal Maturation and Motivational Influences on Frontolimbic Systems (Co-Investigator): To understand the development of fronto-limbic-striatal systems in order to elucidate bio-markers of risk for mood disorders as well as periods of heightened plasticity to inform targeted brain-based neurobehavioral interventions.

The following are a list of funded research projects on which Dr. Phillips is either a Principal or Co-Investigator.