Dr. Phillips’ research has been broadcast around the world through magazines, newspapers, radio, and television programs.  Here are some examples:

Ride the Tiger, PBS stations nationwide, from Detroit Public Television (DPTV), is a guide through the bipolar brain; a one-hour documentary that tells the stories of highly accomplished individuals who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. http://www.pbs.org/ride-the-tiger/home/

Patterns of Brain Activity in Response of Emotional Faces May Help Diagnose Bipolar Disorder (MedicalxPress.com)

Diagnosing Bipolar with Brain Imaging (PsychCentral)

Pattern Recognition Technology May Help Predict Future Mental Illness in Teens (NIMH)

The Thinkers: She Peers into the Brain for Cause of Bipolar Disorder (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Single MRI Scan Could Help Diagnose Bipolar Disorder (Medical News Today)

Can Scans Diagnose Mental Illness?  (BBC Radio 4)

Brain Biology, Not Hormones, May Be to Blame for Post-Partum Depression, Researchers say (LA Times)

Depressed Mothers’ Brains Studied for Differences (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Women with Baby Blues Process Emotion Differently (New Scientist Health)

New Anatomical Evidence of Bipolar Disorder: Trapped Minds (PittMED) Magazine)