Affiliated Studies

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Affiliated Studies

The studies listed below are those led by faculty that have been mentored by Dr. Phillips.

Toward the Identification of Neurodevelopmental Risk Markers of Bipolar Disorder: This study investigates the differences in neural activity associated with emotion processing and cognitive control of emotion in young healthy adolescents at high genetic risk of bipolar disorder compared to low-risk controls and to explore the effects of prepubertal maturation. Principal Investigator: Cecile Ladouceur, PhD

fMRI Markers of Early-Onset Suicide Attempt: This study utilizes functional neuroimaging to examine differences in neural circuitry underlying early-onset suicide attempt.  Participants include adolescents with a history of depression and suicide attempt, adolescents with depression and no history of suicide attempt, and healthy controls. Principal Investigator: Lisa Pan, MD

Child Affect Regulation Study: This study investigates the the neural underpinnings of emotion dysregulation in young children. Participants are 6-9 year old children who experience elevated levels of irritability in their everyday lives.

Principal Investigator: Susan Perlman, PhD

Self and Adolescent Depression Study: This study examines how teens with depressive symptoms process emotional information compared to healthy teens. Subjects include healthy and currently depressed adolescents (11-15 years old). Principal Investigator: Karina Quevedo, PhD

Cognitive Rehabilitation Effects on Social-Cognitive Brain Function in Schizophrenia: The of this project is to examine the neurobiologic effects of Cognitive Enhancement Therapy on social-cognitive brain mechanisms in individuals with schizophrenia using novel fMRI paradigms for assessing the domains of perspective-taking and emotion regulation. Principal Investigator: Shaun Eack, Ph.D.